Slater's Lower Trestles Warmup Run

With a solid south swell hitting Southern California 11-time world champ Kelly Slater touched down at Lower Trestles and put his stamp on summer

Lower Trestles has always been the go-to summertime spot for pro surfers in Southern California. Lowers is a south swell magnet and it offers fun, high-performance sections when just about everywhere else is walled -- a true surfing skatepark, as the cliché goes. Guys like Yadin Nicol and Dane Reynolds will drive all the way from Ventura and Santa Barbara just to surf it when it's good.

With the end of the U.S. Open and the arrival last week of one of the best swells of the summer, Lowers was bound to be filled with guys riding stickered boards. True to form, they came in droves, weaving through the packs of amateurs, gouging the open faces and flying above the friendly lips. Standouts included Hawaiians Torrey Meister, Kiron Jabour and Keanu Asing, locals Kolohe Andino and Chris Ward, and Floridians Evan and Eric Geiselman, and Kelly Slater.

Slater showed up a couple of hours before dark on the best day and got the best waves. But again, true to Lowers form, he didn't get too many to himself, as you'll see in this video documenting the session. But then that's the crazy thing about surfing. On any given day, you can be out in the water with the best surfer in the world. You don't see that in any other sports. When was the last time Kobe Bryant or LeBron James showed up at the schoolyard?

Sure, it's crowded, but it's Lowers. That's just how it is. This run of southern hemi swell is indicative of the all-star talent that makes its away across the train tracks and over the cobblestones this time of year.


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