Look Who's Calling Brendan Gerard

Sean Kerrick Sullivan

When Brendan isn't jibbing rocks, he's grabbing tail over them.

If you happen to venture into the Tahoe backcountry and come across a gang of denim-clad savages stomping stylish windlip tweaks and throwing themselves off of towering cliffs, then there is a good chance you have just come across Brendan Gerard and his gang of misfits.

Born in the mean streets of Cleveland, Ohio, Gerard isn't afraid to slay anything put in front of him. His high-speed antics and smooth style make him one of the most exciting young hip cats on a snowboard today. With a number of solid video parts under his belt, including his recent COMUNE part, this young Capita am rider is sure to make waves in the future.

Hi, Brendan. What are you doing right now?
I'm just throwing my skateboard in my truck, about to head to the skatepark. Then I'm going fishing with my friend.

That sounds like a lovely day.
Yeah, for sure.

Why didn't your parents name you after a color like your brother?
(Laughs) I'm actually one of seven kids, but I'm one of the first three. After I was born the names started to get more abstract, so that's how my brother Red got his name.

Sean Kerrick Sullivan

Just because he isn't a park jock doesn't mean he can't boot off a kicker with the best of them.

Do you think you would be more marketable if your name was pink or something?
Yeah maybe something a little bit more extreme than a color -- like shredder or ripper.

Where do you reside?
I live in Lake Tahoe, Calif., and I basically just snowboard at Northstar, Squaw and Boreal. I'm originally from Cleveland, though, and was there until I was 13.

How does a young man get into snowboarding in Cleveland?
My older brother Trevor got me into it. I took it on as a hobby and it just grew into this thing I love to do.

Did you move out West on your own at 13, or did your parents move, too?
Originally I moved to Colorado to go to a snowboard academy in Crested Butte, which doesn't exist anymore. I did that for a little bit and then started taking online classes and moved to Summit County. I got over Colorado because it was cold, and kind of sucked, and moved to California.

How come you didn't become a neon-clad park jock?
I don't know, I guess that was never really me.

How are you guys so hip being from Tahoe? Why aren't you into Gore-Tex?
It wasn't ever my thing. I like to do all the outdoor stuff, but I never believed in all the brand new gear. Snowboarding sometimes turns into this thing that's all about these brand new products that do all these amazing things for you, but I'm more of a simple person.

Does a jean jacket function well in the backcountry?
(Laughs) It functions as well as it needs to.

Who would win in a fight: NorCal or SoCal snowboarders?
Is it like a snowboard battle?

It's like a snowboard battle royale.
I don't know, probably the Southern California boarders, because they're a little bit harder. It's a tougher area -- it's not very hard up here in Northern California.

You working on any film projects this coming season?
Yeah, Capita is making a movie, so I will be filming for that all year.

Oh, I haven't heard that yet. I guess that cat's out of the bag.
Oh, maybe I wasn't supposed to say that.

Well it's out there now, man.
Oh shoot.

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