Poor Boyz -- "Tracing Skylines"

After a ski edit of Karl Fostvedt, produced by freelance cinematographer Evan Heath, hit the Internet, Fostvedt was invited to film with Poor Boyz Productions. Two years later, he is one of the stars of PBP's 2013 film, "Tracing Skylines," for which the trailer was just released. We sat down with the skier known as "Krazy Karl" to talk about editing, filming and dreaming up heli trips with Glen Plake.

XGames.com: Tell me about the movie.
I was down editing with the guys in Southern California for most of the summer. I was living in a studio apartment with Cody Carter, Tyler Hamlet and Johnny Durst. Nick Springer from Poor Boyz helped me build a Hackintosh to work off of. It just rips through RED footage. I was going through everyone's footage, cutting up a rider's cut. The movie is structured a lot differently this year. There are only six segments; it's more story-based and focused on trips rather than riders.

What trips?
Mexico, B.C., Detroit. There's a trip to the French Alps on the Haute Route with Seth Morrison, Glen Plake, J.P. Auclair and Julien Regnier. There's an Alaska trip with Lexi Dupont, Logan Pehota and Seth Morrison. They somehow got this island with a lighthouse and a heli pad. They're staying there and heli skiing right from the island. Lexi kills it. She's pretty much the star of the segment.

Glen Plake got in the mix this year with Poor Boyz?
It's so sick, dude. I didn't get to hang out with him, though. Just in video format.

This is your second year at Poor Boyz and you're spending time down in Hermosa Beach, Calif. Do you feel like you have influence over how the movie will look and sound?
For the Detroit segment, totally. We started editing that in March. We've probably done 20 different versions of it. We had over 20,000 shots from that trip. Condensing all that to an eight- or nine-minute segment is pretty tough.

What does your family think about you being a professional skier?
They just think I'm a bum. [Laughs.] My sister came out to the Poor Boyz premiere in Seattle last year. She's going to med school out there. She seems stoked. I don't share too much of my skiing with my family.

Where do you call home these days?
I've been on the road for four months. I'm going back to Utah. I just re-signed my lease for nine more months. It's my last semester. I'm taking seven classes this semester and then I need to have an internship and I'm graduating from school. My degree will be in environmental stability studies. It's a lot of environmental philosophy.

What's your dream trip with Poor Boyz?
I want to go to Alaska. Seth, Pep and Plake are in the heli. I've only filmed a little in the Oregon backcountry with Poor Boyz. I've never been on a big, official backcountry trip. It's been all urban focused. I'm stoked on where I am with urban right now and it's been killer, but I told Johnny [Decesare, Poor Boyz founder] when I left this summer that I didn't want to do any urban in the film next year. I want to be strictly backcountry. We'll see where that goes.

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