'Intersection: The Story Of Josh Grant'

Filmmaker Kyle Cowling and Josh Grant talk about the motivation for their new documentary project about Grant's life

Videographer Kyle Cowling wants to tell the story of motocross racer and X Games competitor Josh Grant. Like many aspiring musicians, artists and filmmakers today, he's using Kickstarter to get the funds to do it.

Grant is known for his ability to combine high-speed riding with a definitive style. He won an X Games gold in Moto X Racing in 2010 and a bronze in 2008. But with all that talent, speed and style came an equal amount of bad luck. Cowling credits Grant for being honest and up front with him about the injuries (shoulder surgery sidelined him for much of 2013) and financial and family troubles (Grant had a major falling out with his mother) that are part of his life story. "Intersection: The Story of Josh Grant" will tell that story.

We sat down with Cowling to talk about his year so far and his plans for "Intersection," which has already surpassed its funding goal. Here is how he describes the project and the reasons he wanted to do it.

Todd Gutierrez

Kyle Cowling got the opportunity to do a night shoot with FMX pro Andrew Short this summer.

I was happy to see Josh put in some solid finishes later in the season. After his Supercross injury, the summer was about rebuilding his fitness and speed, which I think we saw happen. He was getting consistent top-five overalls and podiums against a fully stacked class. You cannot say this or that person wasn't there this summer, because everybody was, and he proved he still has it in him. I think 2014 will be a big year for Josh.

I think it's safe to say that Josh's riding style is number one in the business. I'm always a fan of the guy who has the elbows up, straight back and looks effortless on a dirt bike. For me, that's Josh. He makes everything look so easy, and he looks good doing it, too. I'd say he's a more aggressive version of Robbie Reynard. If you watch Reynard, even to this day, the guy never looked like he put any effort into riding. It looked so incredibly simple and effortless, and I see that a lot in Josh. The only difference is that Josh is perhaps a bit more aggressive and will throw an elbow if required. I dig that.

'Intersection' is a film about passion, heartbreak, family and fighting every step of the way, no matter how grim things look.
Kyle Cowling, director

Josh has always been one of the easiest guys to work with. Very open to ideas and just enjoys being in front of the camera, which makes a job like mine a lot easier. Josh and I are getting to work on a feature-length narrative/documentary film entitled "Intersection." The film itself is something I've actually been [doing] on and off since 2009.

Originally, my concept was focusing on a group of athletes, giving them each five-minute segments and going in-depth into what makes them tick. After a while I realized that wasn't something that sounded exciting anymore and that it'd be more interesting to focus on a single athlete that has a hell of a story. The hard part was finding the right athlete who not only has a unique story, but also is good in front of the camera and not afraid to speak their mind. Enter Josh Grant.

At the tail end of 2012, Josh and I wrapped up a web-edit project for VitalMX, and after our last day of shooting we all went out to dinner and then back to his house to hang out. Josh and his wife, Ashley, started talking about the industry, film, goals, life, etcetera. I mentioned to Josh and Ashley that I had a film concept in mind that I had been sitting on since 2009 and was interested in finally getting it up off the ground. I feel like that really sparked an interest in Josh, because he has one hell of a story that Hollywood simply could not write. He basically told me on the spot that he wants to do a film, tell his story, lay it all out there, and I was the guy he wanted to do that with. Since then we've been steadily working away on pre-production with storyboards, locations, pre-interviews, the musical score and more. Now that the season is over and Josh is healthy and has put in some great finishes, it's time to bring this film to life and begin production.

It won't be 24/7 nonstop. Like I did with Trey Canard's movie earlier this year, we will have times when other work comes up that will be needed to help pay the bills and also go back into bringing "Intersection" to life. Plus, doing smaller web projects helps you take a few steps back from the film so that you can clear your mind and come back with a clean slate, so to speak.

At the end of the day, "Intersection" is a film about passion, heartbreak, family and fighting every step of the way, no matter how grim things look. What we have in store for this film is what I hope to be a cinematic journey with some of the most amazing visuals possible, never-before-seen freeriding locations and a tale of Josh, Ashley and [son] Wyatt Grant that gives the industry and fans insight into his roller-coaster ride of a life.

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