Converse x Jason Jessee

Courtesy of Converse

The Jason Jessee Mid by Converse

You know it's a good year for skateboarding when Jason Jessee's manhandling a vert ramp on his new board and wearing a pair of red Converse. I'm not talking about the year 1988 (although that was a pretty damn good year also), I'm talking about 2013.

To say Jason Jessee is back is to wrongly assume he ever left. Once a skateboarder, always a skateboarder, and when you're drifting airs to fakie and stalling eggplants like Jessee, your fate is sealed. To celebrate, Converse teamed up with Jessee's longtime board sponsor Santa Cruz Skateboards to produce a shoe inspired by Jessee himself. Dubbed the Converse CONS CTS, the Ox and the rarely dropped Mid come in black and red, respectively, and are built from waxed canvas that hold up in highly abrasive situations. Even the laces are extra tough. The padded collars are a nice touch, making them extra comfortable. And, true to tradition, Converse feel comfy and broken in right out of the box.

No wonder Jessee told that "Converse are, were, and always shall be my favorite shoes."

Jessee just wrapped up a stay with teammates Kenny Anderson, Mike Anderson, and Ben Reamers in Berlin, Germany, where the brand transformed an empty warehouse into a two-week exhibition and performance space. Next up, you'll probably find Jessee riding Santa Cruz's 40th-anniversary re-release of his famous Lady of Guadalupe deck, (this version inspired by a Jason Adams stencil rendition), and manhandling that new 10-feet-tall, 24-feet-wide vert ramp somewhere in the Santa Cruz, Calif. hills.

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