Salomon Freeski TV incites jealousy again

Honestly, what is the job of a professional skier? Do they hurl themselves into the air simply for your enjoyment? Or do they go to those faraway, powder-drenched mountain locales just to get you excited for winter? Both are wrong. See, the job of a professional skier is wholly centered on making you hysterically, maniacally and ravenously jealous.

As Salomon Freeski TV nears its 100th episode with the launch of this year's seventh season, if there is one thing you can learn from Salomon Freeski TV's history, it's that they've done a great job of making you jealous. In fact, for this first episode of the season, which dropped on Tuesday, they even manage to make you jealous twice.

Salomon Freeski TV's most watched episode to date was from season four when the crew floated off to Mica Heli Skiing in interior British Columbia for a jamboree of powder and pillows. They laughed, played and generally showed you the many enjoyable things you weren't currently doing while you added to the quarter of a million views tacked onto the YouTube ticker.

The crew returned to Mica for season seven. And guess what, they've specifically returned without you or me. See, I told you you'd be jealous twice.

As Mike Douglas and friends happily bound from pillow to pillow, your desire to be in their ski boots grows with every face shot. The episode ends and suddenly you're dreaming of winter and how the heck you can get to someplace like that.

And that's when it hits: This isn't bad jealously, this is jealously that can actually be overcome. British Columbia is an actual place you can get to. While Chris Rubens comically pulls off the "do anything to go to Mica" schtick, it's not far from the truth.

Rubens works construction all summer in order to ski all winter and countless others have gone to Europe, Alaska, BC and beyond because they once watched someone else skiing and got really, really jealous, dropped everything and made it happen. You can too.

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