Point 'Em


As a big mountain skier your mettle can be measured in a myriad of ways. Sometimes it's about finding your way down the most twisted spine wall, sometimes it's about figuring out how to get on top of something at all, and other times it's about finding that perfect 3,000-foot wall and just opening it up.

Perhaps there's a little of all of those elements in this new video edit called "Point 'Em." All of this footage was shot in Alaska's Chugach range, some lines are classics and others are first descents. What you don't see in this video part are the various ways we found to get into this big terrain. It might be easy to assume that it was all just the heli-gravy train, but the truth is some of these lines were reached via extremely long snowmobile approaches; while others were attacked from some cold nights in the tent and hiked straight up.

Figuring out how to make it work in Alaska is always worth the effort. It's the best terrain in the world for any skier that wants to push their boundaries. Note: This video was cut to be played loud, so crank it.

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