Sage's Way of Life

On Tuesday, Teton Gravity Research dropped Sage Cattabriga-Alosa's opening segment of their new movie, "Way of Life." Cattabriga-Alosa's part, which is set to the song DTV by Natural Child, was filmed in Alaska's Chugach range and captured with a RED Epic camera and other ultra high-definition, helicopter-mounted camera equipment. As of Tuesday, "Way of Life" is now on DVD and Blu-ray and available for download on iTunes. We hit up Cattabriga-Alosa to ask him three questions about his part. 

You've shot a lot of big-mountain segments in Alaska over the years. What's special about this one?
What's different about this segment for me is that it's mostly fast skiing. I usually don't ski slow, but I often have a playful segment with a bunch of tricks. OK, some tricks. Well, some 360s. This year was our fourth year exploring new zones. We found some amazing terrain, and on top of that, it was sunny for three weeks straight. Literally, every day it was blue. All the blue weather and a locked-in snowpack really allowed us to push things exposure-wise and on a technical level. As a result, my part has more technical, fast skiing and zero tricks. Well, there's a grab.

How did the new camera technology that TGR acquired this year improve the quality of the film, in your opinion?
This year we had the opportunity to use new camera technology, including RED Epics and a Scarlet encased in the GSS system. The GSS is a helicopter-mounted stabilized camera system that allows for some really amazing cinematography. Right away in the film you notice the high-end production.

Do you get to pick the song that goes with your segment? If so, why DTV by Natural Child?
The song was a selection that was suggested by TGR's music supervisor. I listened to it while watching a rough edit, and I liked the fast pace and style of the song. It kind of caught me by surprise -- it's not the type of song I would even listen to usually, but it worked well with the skiing. Usually I pick an electronic, hip-hop or something groovy, so it felt good to go with something different.

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