'Bones Brigade' Special Edition

Tony Friedkin

Director, skater and mastermind behind the Bones Brigade, Stacy Peralta.

As you can imagine, the well-received "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" documentary left a lot golden footage on the cutting-room floor. Fortunately, skaters are always hungry for extras and, more often than not, editors reheat cinematic leftovers and serve them up raw. Such is the case with "Bonus Brigade," a cleverly named special edition of unseen footage from the original film, released Oct. 25 on DVD and online.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this cleanly arranged collection is just more of the same from the 2012 movie. It's not. Sure, it does expand on a few themes. But at the end of the day, it's several captivating perspectives from the history-makers themselves.

From Stacy Peralta's take on John Lucero putting down the roots of contemporary street skating to Duane Peters' teary reflection on the unparalleled freedom found while standing on a moving skateboard, "Bonus Brigade" adds a whole new layer to the original film. You also get Ray Barbee getting dissed by buddies who thought skating was too white, and photographer Glen E. Friedman on Craig Stecyk's 1982 call-to-arms Thrasher article, "Skate and Destroy." Skip Engblom's interview alone is well worth the price of admission. Then, after two hours of on-set gems, "Bonus Brigade" hits the road with Peralta and his former skate team, onstage for Q&A sessions at the Sundance and Santa Barbara film festivals.

All said, the original documentary and these bonus tracks more completely paint a picture of arguably the best crew of skaters in the history of the so-called sport and the industry backdrop from which the Bones Brigade emerged. It's easy to imagine that the story's next installment is probably a coffee table book. In the meantime, "Bonus Brigade" is enough to keep hungry fans scarfing for days.

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