Salomon Freeski TV celebrates 100th episode

The Mike Douglas revolution has been televised. His second revolution just happened to be televised on your computer screen. From the New Canadian Airforce to being a pioneer in developing and distributing high-quality web-based videos, on Tuesday, Douglas is celebrating the 100th episode of his co-creation, the webisode series Salomon Freeski TV. I caught up with Douglas to look back at where the series has been and just what is in store for the future of ski media.

You've been there for all 100 episodes of Salomon Freeski TV. Which has been your favorite so far?
That's a tough question. Standouts for me would be Glasnost-Ski, The Burn, Tabibito, Hawaii Wave Ski, 6 Seconds of Jib Academy, Mica and Tempting Fear, but Josh Dueck is the most inspirational guy I know, so if I have to pick one, it would be The Freedom Chair.

Since FSTV was one of the leaders in the web-based video series, do you think you've had a hand in the content revolution that has gone on throughout skiing?
I'm not sure how much we had to do with it, but ski media has evolved a ton since we started. I love the diversity we see these days. I think skiing has the most creative content of any sport and that's something we can all be proud of.

Is free online content the continuing future of ski media?
I think it'll be one of the biggest avenues. The popularity of The Real Skifi, Line Traveling Circus, Nimbus and A Skier's Journey are a testament to that, but I still think there will always be a place for ski movies. Some things are just better on the big screen. I just came from the Banff Film Festival where I got to see The Burn episode play in a huge theater. It was really cool and a very different experience from watching it on my phone.

Any cringe-worthy moments looking back at the history of FSTV?
Many. Half of the first season was pretty rough. As a producer, when you look back you can always find cringe-worthy moments in your work. That's part of the fun though. If you never evolved, it'd be boring.

What's next for FSTV?
We just want to keep it rolling. It's been the most amazing project I've ever been involved with in my life. So long as the fans keep watching, we'll try to keep challenging ourselves and putting out the most stoke-worthy content we possibly can. Thanks to everyone who tunes in and to all who have helped along the way.

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