Brian Kachinsky joins Vans BMX team for 2014

Justin Kosman

After his departure from Etnies last January, Brian Kachinsky has joined the Vans BMX team for 2014.

X Games BMX Street 2010 bronze medalist Brian Kachinsky announced his addition to the 2014 Vans BMX team on Monday, joining pro team riders such as Mike "Hucker" Clark, Dennis McCoy, Scotty Cranmer, Ty Morrow and Sean Sexton.

"Vans has been in the game for almost 48 years and I'm honored to be a part of such a legendary team. Vans longtime commitment to BMX is something that our entire industry respects. I'm happy to now be teammates with some of my favorite riders in the world," said Kachinsky earlier today in a statement released over social media.

BMX sponsorship changes -- December 2013

In January of 2013, after eight years on the Etnies BMX team, Kachinsky announced his departure from the team. In his time on Etnies, Kachinsky won an X Games medal, worked with the brand on a signature shoe, completed numerous groundbreaking video sections and opened his own BMX street park in Chicago known as The Bakery. Following his departure from Etnies, Kachinsky was originally going to join the DC Footwear BMX team, but that deal fell through after DC dropped their BMX program in early 2013. In the summer of 2013, Kachinsky began receiving product from Vans, and that developed into his addition to the Vans team for 2014.

This news comes less than one month after Kachinsky announced the abrupt closure of the second Bakery location in Chicago, Ill. According to Kachinsky, the lease agreement terms were changed prematurely, and he was forced to dismantle the BMX street park following a season of successful video releases from top international BMX pros. Currently, The Bakery's obstacles are in storage until a more suitable location can be located.

Kachinsky's additional sponsors include DK Bicycles, Primo wheels and Arnette sunglasses. And amid a time in the BMX industry when riders are being dropped left and right by brands, it's refreshing to see that a seasoned veteran doing good things for the BMX scene is recognized by a reputable brand for his accomplishments and contributions to BMX.

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