Van Homan, Cody Jennings and Almond

Van Homan explains how a shoe saved Cody Jennings from injury while riding.

Earlier this week, Almond BMX footwear announced the addition of BMX street legend Van Homan to their team, which includes riders such as Jared Washington, Jeff Kocsis, Iz Pulido, Lloyd Wright and David Grant. Almond Footwear, the shoe brand from the creators of Wethepeople Bike Company in Cologne, Germany, started out slowly several years ago and continues to gain momentum as one of the very few BMX-dedicated shoe brands.

With the news that Homan had joined Almond came the unexpected news that he had parted ways with the Ipath BMX team, which also included Alex Magallan and Seth Kimbrough. All signs of a BMX team, as well as Ipath's surf team, were removed from the Ipath website. And their BMX connection, Ipath sales member Brian Osborne, parted ways with the brand in December.

Ipath's roots in BMX reach back to 2009, when Mike Ardelean began hooking up riders that included Chester Blacksmith, Brian Yeagle, Andrew Jackson, Jim Bauer and Dave Thompson. In January of 2012, Osborne revamped the team and began working with Homan on a signature Ipath shoe. But Homan's recent departure seemingly put a stop to that.

According to Homan, "Almond and myself are already working on some trips and a signature shoe together," who additionally added that he was excited to be working with a shoe brand that only focused on BMX.

In the above video, taken from the days of Homan's time with Orchid Footwear (summer of 2011), is a shoe-related story about Van Homan and his friend Cody Jennings. Although Homan is wearing Orchid shoes in the video, the timing of his shoe sponsor news and the above video seemed fitting. And we're glad to say that Cody has since recuperated.

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