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Windells 09: SESSION 1 from Windells on Vimeo.

I'm in Little Rock, Arkansas at the moment, 3 days without a shower, sun-burnt from riding all day yesterday and about to drive 8 hrs. down to Texas today. By no means am I complaining though, I'm lovin it! I 'm on a cross country trip out to X Games 15, riding, blogging and shooting photos the whole way out there. Keep checking back for updates from the road and in the meantime, here's some awesome news I found out about Windell's Camp or shall I say, Windell's Academy.
Windell's Camp is now accredited to start offering year-round high school classes. Student athletes will be able to concentrate on their sport while earning a legit high school degree. How sick is this! I wish this was available when I was in high school. Kids will be able to live on campus and receive access to all of the Windell's Facilities and board all while earning their degree. Here's a portion of what was in the official press release:
"Academically speaking, Windells Academy offers services for grades 9-12 through the Kaplan High School ( Students are enrolled in either the Kaplan College Preparatory program or he Kaplan High School program, depending on their academic aptitude. Highly qualified and experienced staff provide Windells Academy students with college admission counseling, academic coaching and personalized tutoring as a part of their tuition package. This is an extremely exciting time in the annals of Windells history, and you or your student athlete can be a part of making history by enrolling in Windells Academy today!"
So there you have it. I'd recommend signing up early, as I imagine this will be filling up fast. You can check out some new videos Windell's put out below to get an idea of how awesome this place is. For more info go to the Windell's website.

Windells 09 Session 2 from Windells on Vimeo.

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