Quick Fire: Dan Lacey

Courtesy of Dan Lacey

Huge 360 to flat on the promenade in Hastings, U.K.

Dan Lacey is a UK-based shredder that rides for Federal, Lotek, Primo and Dub BMX. He is not, I repeat, is not, the infamous Painter of Pancakes that gained online notoriety for a nude painting of Barack Obama riding a unicorn. So be warned, if you're going to Google Dan Lacey's name, you're probably better off searching for "Dan Lacey BMX." Otherwise, you're inevitably going to stumbled onto Dan Lacey the Pancake Painter. But that's not where I wanted to go with this. If you've been paying attention to BMX at all over the past few years, you've more than likely seen one of Dan's vids on the Web. But there hasn't been too much about Dan's personality off the bike, so I figured I'd throw his some questions at Dan and let everyone get a chance to know one of the U.K.'s most stylish riders to date. This is Dan Lacey.
I'm hungry. Who wants some pancakes? Hello my name is: Dan Lacey
A.K.A.: Lacey or D
What a lot of people don't know about me is: I'm really good at cooking.
Last week I was: Chillin' at the Seventies unit, hangin with Baz, visiting Mrs. Lacey, shooting stuff for the Seventies catalog.
Right now I am: Listenin to Mt. Eden, writing a letter to get an interview at the US embassy in London.
Something you'll never see me wearing is: Tight jeans, hahaha.
My favorite BMX riders are: Sean Sexton, Ty Morrow, Steven Hamilton, Mike Hoder.
My dream in life would be: Hit up X Games, get a mortgage, be happy.
The worst night I have ever had was: Riding home 14 miles in a blizzard at 4 am.
The best day I ever had was: Getting hooked up on Federal or hangin out in NYC and Jersey with Bas Keep and Robin Fenlon.

Dan Lacey - Lotek Brand from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

If I could do any one trick on a bike it would be: Nose wheelies.
I think contests are: Getting a lot better as time progresses.
Rider owned companies are: Amazing to be a part of.
Some things I'd like to accomplish this year would be: Get my visa to go to the US!! Film my part for the DUB video, smash another Federal trip.
The last time I said, "This is the last time," was: About a month ago before I shoveled 6 McChicken nuggets into my poor body.
If I didn't ride BMX I would: Be an absolute tool, more so than I am now.
I think people are: A sign of evolution, the creators of our corrupt societies.
The best road trip I was on involved: Federal Trips! Not any in particular. They have all been hectic, no doubt in my mind.
If I could change one thing it would be: The town or place I live. I wanna move somewhere new.
I'd like to finish this by saying: Thank you Brian, and thanks to everyone at Federal, Lotek, Primo and Dub BMX. Easy star.

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