POTD: Edwin Delarosa and Sean Burns

While making some POTD's selections for this week, this shot from Keith Romanowski really caught my eye. I didn't know Sean Burns and Edwin Delarosa were friends, but Keith brought up a good point and in the caption and it all made sense...BMX.

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Photo Of The Day

"One of the greatest elements that BMX has to offer is its wide range of diversity. People from all around the world are part of the sport. There is no such thing as color; race or sex in BMX, the only thing that matters is you and your bike. Age is also not a factor. Unlike some sports, in BMX it's not frowned upon or out of the norm to ride with someone substantially younger or older. BMX has a unique way of bringing people together. It allows the possibility to meet and interact with other individuals, that one may have never have met before. BMX acts as a bonding agent, where life long friends can be found. Do you think if it wasn't for BMX would Edwin Delarosa and Sean Burns be friends?" -Keith Romanowski

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