Carhartt BMX: Portugal

Normally, I'm not a fan of lengthy Web vids, but I'm starting to come around, and that's thanks in part to the above video from the Carhartt BMX team (on a road trip through Portugal.) It's filmed and edited really great, the spots are ridiculous, and anything with Mike Miller or Stefan Lantschner is automatically going to be awesome. The Carhartt team also features Eduard Zunda, Francisco Jimenez and Hugo Almeida, and in case you were wondering, "What gives with the Carhartt team in Europe," here's the long and short of it.

In the U.S., Carhartt is aimed more at manufacturing premium outdoor wear, but in Europe, that's not the case. Carhartt's Euro distributor adapted the brand and the products to their respective market, and started supporting artists, musicians, skateboarders and BMXers; developing the European Carhartt into a respected street wear brand sold in boutiques instead of Army-Navy Stores. As a result, if you pick up a U.K. or Euro BMX magazine, you'll see Carhartt ads, and if you wander into a Carhartt Store overseas, it's not crazy to see unique collaborative bikes on display from the likes of Wethpeople. And lastly, if you're stuck in the U.S. but watching a video of a Carhartt BMX team tearing through Portugal and wondering about Carhartt's involvement in BMX, it's because Carharrt gets to do that sort of thing in Europe.

Completely unrelated to the above Carhartt video is the second part of the FBM/Circuit BMX/Re-Cycles South of the Boredom Trip. That's below. Just be sure to turn the volume down if you're not a big fan of growling vocals.

South of the Boredom Tour from Least Most on Vimeo.

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