Exclusive: Same Stuff, Different Angle Edit

A fresh perspective on BMX.

A few weeks ago, when Micah Kranz was in town passing through on his trip to Canada for shows with Mykel Larrin and John Rodgers, he showed me some awesome footage he'd been filming with this cool mini-HD camera and it blew me away. I asked him to give me the low-down on it and if he could fire up an exclusive edit with just the footage from his Go Pro Camera. As always, he delivered and the result is epic!

"While working at Windells this summer I got to test out a really small video camera that had a bunch of helmet, chest and handlebar attachments. I remember being really excited about them but figured they wouldn't be available to the public or would be expensive. Fast-forward to the Baco contest in Milwaukee and Tony Neyer and Jeff K. were charging around with the same little Camera on their handlebars. The next day I ordered one and have been having a great time with it.

The camera is waterproof, shockproof, and has so many attachments that you can hook it to a small airplane. Plus it's an HD camera for under $300, with no screen to break. My only complaint is some of the attachments come loose with all the banging around, but cutting apart and old tube and sliding it in between the attachments and the camera has seemed to do the trick. Check out www.goprocamera.com and see all the test video's and options that are available. If you're ballin'on a budget, this might be the camera you have been looking for.

In the words of my favorite Dig Magazine segment, I bring to you, "Same Stuff, Different Angle". The riders are Mykel Larrin, Drew Bezanson, Bobby Delaat and John Rodgers, who have been traveling throughout North America doing shows and riding all sorts of different stuff. Hope you like it." -Micah Kranz

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