Devon Smillie bike check


Devon Smillie, smiling, pun intended.

I recently ran into Devon Smillie on his recent visit to Ohio. He was actually with a crew of riders including our contributors, Chris Mahaffey and Andrew White, working on shooting some photos and video for an upcoming Dig interview. I wasn't able to get any action shots of Devon myself, but that's because I didn't want to step on Andrew's toes. Devon however, was nice enough to let me shoot some photos for this bike check with him. I didn't know Devon was riding for anyone and noticed he had a shiny new bike with him, so I asked him what the deal was. He said Catfish recently gave him the hook up over at DK, so it looks like he's getting some flow from them right now. Will this lead to something more? Who knows, but for now join the tour as Devon takes us through his dialed new DK.

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