Nike 6.0 hits China, 90east stays home

Courtesy of Nike 6.0

Dennis Enarson, bars to grind in China

Here's a small lesson in BMX juxtaposition. One BMX team heads to China and tours the land in a bus, performing some seemingly unthinkable riding in the process, while the other team, more a group of friends really, stays at home in the Boston, Mass. area and rides with each other at night. Both get the riding done in unique and stylistic ways, but the approaches couldn't be more different. With that said, I present an 8-minute video from Nike 6.0 versus a minute-long video from 90east.

Since visiting China for my second time this past June, I've become mildly obsessed with the place, reading every Peter Hessler book I can get my hands on. Here, the Nike 6.0 crew of Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Alex Kennedy, and Jason Phelan explore a different side of China (between Shanghai and Beijing). The riding is of course top notch, and under Will Stroud's visual direction, you know it's going be worth eight minutes of your time.


Lino Gonzalez and the 90east crew are back with a new summer video. Dubbed "Summer Cruisin," it's a loose, relaxed look into their summertime riding exploits, and it's a good watch. 90east also has a preview of their new soft goods collection up in the 90east blog, and things are looking good. I guess this would be a good time for me to mention that I still watch the 90east video a lot, and I think everyone should go buy one, which you can do through the 90east online store.

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