POTD: Dan Lacey in Huntington, Calif.

Justin Kosman

Dan Lacey with a big 180 gap in Huntington Beach, Calif.

This year at X Games 16 was Dan Lacey's first X Games appearance, and it was also my first time getting to see him ride in person. Not only was I stoked on his riding, but I was also stoked on his rad personality and how enthusiastic he was just to be there. A few days ago, Justin Kosman sent over this amazing shot of Lacey hucking a big 180 gap on a recent visit to Huntington Beach, which only added to my stokeage. Just in case I didn't emphasize it enough; I just wanted to say I'm stoked on Federal's Dan Lacey. He's good.

"If it's one thing that Dan Lacey has on lock, its 180's. Ok, maybe he has insane turndowns too but this has to do with being able to pull the 180 trigger at will. Rewind to last week in Huntington Beach, Calif. and the US Open crowds have all evaporated along with the sunshine, and there is finally enough room to move around in the upper deck parking lots. This morning Dakota Roche and Dan were cruising around the beach looking to stack clips and Dan gave this big 180 a bunch of attempts, finally sticking the half cab clean on the last one, with one of the wildest half cabs I've ever seen. He accidentally went nose heavy on the 180 out and almost going into a locked nose wheelie and went running straight into Dakota. Several old men with surfboards postured at the notion that Dan nearly speared a car and then went on with their day." -Justin Kosman

Shot settings:
Canon 5d Mark II
Canon 15mm fisheye
F5.6 at 1/1000th ISO 320

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