Bikes Over Baghdad 3 is set to launch


Bikes Over Baghdad athletes jumping over soldiers in Basrah, Iraq, on the first tour in September 2009.

I just got the official word that Team Harley, consisting of X Games champs, Chad Kagy, Anthony Napolitan, and Brian Kachinsky, accompanied by Mike Escamilla, Drew Bezanson, Zack Yankush, Mykel Larrin, Ron Kimler and Nate Wessel will all be heading back overseas to perform again in front of our thousands of troops for the Bikes Over Baghdad 3.

From November 29th to December 9th, these guys will be visiting the war zone yet again to entertain some of the 50,000 American service men who are still stationed throughout Kuwait and Irag. If you've seen any of the past coverage from Bikes Over Baghdad in Ride BMX Magazine, you know this is going to be one insane trip and is for a such a great cause! To do your part and too show your support, join them on Facebook.

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