Coco Zurita fractures ankle, out of X17

VAN HANJA/Shazamm/ESPN Images

Coco Zurita at X Games 15.

X Games BMX Vert and Big Air competitor Francisco 'Coco' Zurita fractured his ankle one day prior to X Games 17, and has been forced to pull out of both competitions. According to Zurita, he injured himself riding at Woodward West in Tehachapi, Calif. on Wednesday.

"Just when all things were going incredible, this happens," said Zurita, who went for x-rays earlier today before determining that he had fractured his ankle.

Zurita, 27, originally from Santiago, Chile, was invited to compete in both Vert and Big Air at X Games 17. An X Games competitor since 2007, Zurita's approach to vert riding focuses more on height and style than any other BMX rider in the pro class. Zurita additionally started riding the MegaRamp earlier this year and was scheduled to make his X Games debut in Big Air later this week. Zurita was also the first rider to land a triple tailwhip on vert in 2007.

Last weekend, Zurita competed in Pro Vert at the Dew Tour Open in Ocean City, Md. and finished in sixth place. "We have X Games coming up in three days, so I am definitely stoked to be healthy still and ready to fire out," Zurita said on Sunday.

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