Coco Zurita Vert Profile

Last week, just prior to X Games BMX Vert, we were scheduled to post a profile video with Chilean vert sensation Coco Zurita. Coco, as many of you might know, is the very stylish vert pro that can blast a vert ramp almost better than anyone in the pro vert class right now. His style, for lack of a better description, is that of a vert version of Ruben Alcantara. And yes, it's awesome to watch.

Unfortunately, Coco stepped down on his foot the day before X Games 17, fracturing his ankle in the process and eliminating any chance he would have of riding in X Games 17 Vert and Big Air. So there our profile sat, unused, while Coco hobbled around at X Games, unable to ride. But the video is still great, so we're featuring it this week in a rare version of "things you missed out on at X Games 17." Video by Shad Hopkins.

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