Terry's Secret... a new underwear sponsor

BMX flatland pro Terry Adams has inked a new deal with Freegun Underwear, one of Europe's top selling underwear brands now entering the U.S. action sports market. Adams joins X Games motocross riders Ashley Fiolek and Jarryd McNeil on the Freegun team.

According to Adams, 27, he was becoming bored with his normal underwear selection. "I've been going in my underwear drawer my whole life, just picking out a pair of grey, white underwear, and to be honest, it was boring."

All that has now changed for Terry. "Now I can go into my underwear drawer, pick out something that looks dope and something I'm super stoked to wear," said Adams regarding the new sponsor addition.

As a fellow flatlander that has worn boxer shorts for the past 20-something years, I can attest to the fact that riding in underwear that does not hinder the rider is actually important. If you can remember the early "Dorkin" videos, you might remember BMX flatland legend Chase Gouin ripping many pairs of boxer shorts while intricately positioning himself around his bike during flatland links. "Freegun underwear are super comfortable to ride in," said Adams.


Terry Adams, no longer bored by bland underwear colors.

Adams joins fellow BMX flatland rider Matthias Dandois (Pull-In) and DK BMX Park pro Brett Banasiewicz (ethika) on the short but esteemed list of BMX riders with underwear sponsors.

"I love everything about Freegun Underwear," added Adams.

Adams' additional sponsors include Odyssey BMX, Raising Cane's, Flatware, Dan's Comp and Red Bull.

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