Pat Casey wins Kitchen BMX park comp

This past weekend, DK's Brett Banasiewicz hosted the first-ever contest at his newly built skatepark dubbed The Kitchen, in his hometown of South Bend, Ind. Pros from around the country trudged through the Midwest snow for their chance to ride the indoor setup and compete for a chunk of the $6,000 purse courtesy of Brett's sponsors (DK, DC Shoes, Dan's Comp, Rockstar, Pantech, and Ethika.) The Kitchen local Glenn Salyers (who helped design and build the park) gave everyone a run for their money, but Pat Casey's smooth and original 360 variations and overall consistency gave him an edge and landed him on top of the podium when all was said and done.

Pro Final Results:
1. Pat Casey
2. Glenn Salyers
3. Austin Coleman
4. Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin
5. Rob Armour

Pro Best Trick: Austin Coleman -- 360 Triple Downside Whip (over the box jump)

Expert Final Results:
1. Chance Garrison
2. Colton Walker
3. David Lieb
4. Spencer Scott
5. Dylan Lichkay

Amateur Best Trick: Chance Garrison -- 180 Flip to Fakie (onto the box jump deck) to 540 Cab (into the landing)

Beginner Final Results:
1. Ed Rovi
2. Nathan Halahan
3. Thomas Bryant
4. Devon Fish
5. Andy Savage

Video by Fat Tony
Artist: Fly Moon Royalty
Song: Lemonade
Album: Fly Moon Royalty

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