Ipath officially announces new BMX team


The new Ipath BMX team. From left to right, Alex Magallan, Van Homan, Seth Kimbrough and Shane Weston.

It's looking like this might be an unofficial shoe week at ESPN BMX. Here goes part two:

In May of 2009, Mike Ardelean announced that he would be heading up a new BMX team for skate footwear brand Ipath. Ipath, a brand popularized by professional skateboarders Matt Field, Matt Pailes and Matt Rodriguez in San Francisco, Calif., initially gained momentum as a skate footwear brand that favored casual loafer-style models over high tech appearances. With the addition of hemp material, which Ipath pioneered in the skate industry, the brand took on an eco-friendly approach before it was buzz-worthy, and for lack of a better term, the brand helped to create and sustain an "organic" movement in skateboarding.

Through the years, Ipath was bought, then sold and maintained a dedicated group of skate team riders. This being the BMX blog, I won't list team names, but the brand endured for over a decade before deciding to dip their top into BMX through Ardelean in 2009. Ardelean brought on Andrew Jackson, Jim Bauer, Brian Yeagle, and Dave Thompson, and created an ipathbmx blog which was updated regularly. Somewhere along the way, Dave Thompson left the team, and more recently, Chester Blacksmith was added.

At the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach, Calif. earlier this month, an Ipath booth poster was spotted featuring Van Homan, who had left longtime sponsor Orchid to join the team. Along the way, speculation swirled about other possible Ipath BMX team members and the future of the brand, and yesterday, Ipath officially announced a new BMX team that includes Homan along with Seth Kimbrough, Shane Weston and Alex Magallan.

"While Ipath's roots run deep in skate, they have been widely accepted and welcomed into both the BMX and surf communities as the lifestyle footwear brand for the active youth culture. Ipath will feature several styles launching in Fall 2012 to support their new BMX team," said the brand in a press release.

And in an interview with Ardelean earlier in the week, he said, "They had to cut some costs on both the skate and BMX sides. Brian Osborne, formerly of Beloe and Duffs, is working for IPath sales and will also take over the BMX team. I wish Brian and IPath the best."

The former Ipath BMX site is no longer working, and the new BMX team members are now a part of the Ipath family on the main Ipath website. No mention has been made about the additional team riders, which included Brian Yeagle, Andrew Jackson, Jim Bauer and Chester Blacksmith.

Tomorrow, we'll get into Orchid.

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