Odyssey Metallic Silver color kit

Odyssey BMX

Odyssey's latest Metallic Silver color kit is available now, and won't be around forever.

Today we're switching things up a bit in regards to a product profile. Instead of featuring one product and boasting about the technical features and why it's the need-to-have component of the week, I'm taking some time to examine the latest color kit from Odyssey BMX -- the metallic silver color kit.

Odyssey BMX

Odyssey team rider Gary Young and one of the best tabletops in the biz.

Odyssey's latest color kit is inspired by Gary Young's latest setup, according to Odyssey, and features all quality components in the Odyssey BMX range, including 175mm Thunderbolt cranks, V3 9t cassette and Vandero 2 front hub, 36h Quadrant and Seven K-A rims, R25 and R32 forks, short and medium Monolever and Evo 2 brakes, 25, 28, 30t Chase Hawk C-512 sprocket, Aaron Ross Double Spacebars and Gary Young V3 bars, and a variety of Odyssey grips, including Cufflink, Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk and Adam Banton signature grips. Because that's a lot of technical information to get through, I'm linking to each individual product and focusing on the color combination at hand.

Normally, Odyssey offers two limited edition color kits per year. Gary's Metallic Silver color kit is their first offering in 2012. If you've seen Gary's bike within the past year, along with his complete Sunday Pro model, you might notice that it's the same metallic silver (and that it's fast and does amazing lipslides, but that's besides the point.) Perhaps you're inspired by Gary's riding and in need of a BMX make over? Then this is the kit for you. And because it's Odyssey, you know that everything offered in the new metallic silver color kit is trustworthy and able to handle all kinds of BMX abuse.

The Odyssey Gary Young Metallic Silver color kit is currently available through US Odyssey dealers QBP, SBS, Custom Cycle, J&B and Full Factory Distribution. According to Odyssey, these limited edition custom kits are usually gone in about four months, so if you're feeling this particular one, act now to Gary Young-ify your current ride.

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