Inside James Foster's Beaumont house

Fat Tony

James Foster and girlfriend Veronica in Beaumont, Calif. Launch Gallery »

When not landing the first triple tailwhips ever, blowing up Mitsubishi engines or warming up on the MegaRamp, Famous Stars and Straps pro James Foster spends his time at home in the motocross heavy town of Beaumont, Calif. With his girlfriend Veronica and their dogs, Foster day's revolve around time spent in the garage rebuilding engines for his Mitsubishi car collection. Last year, Foster broke both his tibia and fibula, and was forced to turn down his first official X Games invite in Big Air. Now that he's healed up, he's built up a new bike and eager to get back on the competition circuit. But before we jump into the comp season, this is a quick glimpse inside James Foster's modest home in Beaumont, Calif. Come on inside.

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