Craig Grasso arrested in Brooklyn

Vintage BMX

Street riding influential Craig Grasso on Diamond Back (left) and later, on an Ozone in Southern California (right).

Former '80s BMX pro and street riding influential Craig Grasso was arrested Thursday morning in Brooklyn, N.Y. after being spotted by an undercover drug detective. According to WCAX news, Grasso was allegedly in possession of crack cocaine and is being held without bail in New York to face drug charges.

In mid-February, Grasso was stopped by police in Jericho Center, Vermont for a broken tail light on his Toyota. Grasso gave a fake name to the police and fled on foot from the scene, escaping a Taser deployed by a sheriff's deputy because he was wearing a thick jacket.

Grasso eluded capture for over a month and traveled from Vermont to Brooklyn, N.Y. At this time, it is unclear what Grasso did in between the February foot chase and his apprehension earlier this week. According to WCAX, Grasso will return to Vermont to face charges of lying to police, driving with a suspended license, eluding police and resisting arrest after he faces drug charges in New York.

In the late '80s, Grasso was instrumental in the shift from organized BMX flatland and ramp riding into street riding, implementing everyday pieces of architecture and surroundings in a new form of BMX riding that has since soared in popularity. Alongside Grasso's unique take on street riding, he helped pave the way towards more simplified, street-friendly setups, non-uniformed riding and the loose connection between artistic endeavors and BMX riding. Grasso was featured heavily on the pages of Freestylin' Magazine and was sponsored by brands such as Diamond Back, Ozone, General Bicycles and Vision Street Wear.

Grasso had drifted away from BMX after moving to San Francisco in the early '90s, but had since returned to riding BMX bikes at indoor skateparks in the Vermont area.

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