Drew Bezanson wins Simple Session 2012

Darryl Nau and ESPN Brazil go inside Simple Session 12.

Simple Session 12 wrapped up earlier today in Tallinn, Estonia, and for the third year in a row, Canadian Drew Bezanson walked away with first place honors. Followed closely behind Bezanson was his DK teammate and two-time Simple Session runner up Brett Banasiewicz in second, and Failure Bikes rider Harry Main in third place.

"Thank you so much to everyone that made Simple Session possible," said the ever-gracious Bezanson after taking the win. "Hands down the best contest, thanks for all the love everyone!"

Bezanson, who suffered a traumatic brain injury halfway through the contest season in 2011 and was forced to sit out last year's X Games 17 BMX Park event, is now undefeated in 2012 after taking the win in March at the Toronto BMX Jam.

Harry Main attacked the course with a 1080 and his signature flair drop in off the sub box, which netted him a respectable third place. Then, for the third year in a row, Brett Banasiewicz secured a second place podium finish thanks to original transfer lines, bangers over the box jump like a 360 whip to whip back, and his overall consistency, fluidity, and ability to trick every ramp. The last rider of the night to ride was reigning champ Drew Bezanson who started his run by being lifted into the air on a scissor lift and ninja dropping into a quarter pipe, which gave him tons of speed to blast around the course with big transfers and giant tricks over the box jump like a backflip x-up to turndown. Drew's full throttle and unique approach to the course combined with precision technical tricks like a fufanu to tailwhip on the slant wall held off the completion and allowed him to fly back to Nova Scotia, Canada, with the gold medal for his third straight year.

Fat Tony

DK's Drew Bezanson took home yet another Simple Session win last night in Tallinn, Estonia.

In the bunnyhop contest, Premium's Chad Kerley took top honors with a hop that measured in at 45.5 inches. After being eliminated from the contest with two failed earlier hops, Kink's Gabe Brooks came back to hop 49 inches. Technically, it was the highest hop of the event, but since he was already eliminated, the honors went to Kerley. Regardless, the hop sent the arena into an absolute uproar.

Meanwhile, the mustachioed Tony Neyer took home the street best trick win with a toothpick hangover to opposite toothpick grind down the Simple Session rail. "So stoked," said Neyer. "Yew," he added, seemingly professing his love for coniferous trees and shrubs in the genus Taxus.

For the first time, Simple Session 12 also hosted a women's BMX Park class, dubbed "Sister Session." As always in Estonia, the crowd was more than supportive and got behind each and every female rider, including all three that attempted backflips. With the scores tabulated, it was Chile's Camilla Harambour who took home top honors with her big turndown and no hander over the box jump, backflip, and grinds down the rail and ledge, followed by Angie Marino in second and Chiara Felder in third.

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