Cult releases "Talk Is Cheap" promo video

In what is sure to be an instant classic, Cult released a trailer for their forthcoming video, "Talk is Cheap" last night and has already set the Internet into a flurry drawing over 13,000 views as of this writing. The reaction is not entirely unwarranted -- the trailer is great. Ryan Navazio, one of the more thoughtful and focused BMX videographers, is once again at the helm of this production and not surprisingly, his work is spot on. Set to a very relaxed soundtrack by '60s U.K. psychedelic band The Herd, mind-blowing tricks such as Dakota Roche's 360 to smith to nose manual, wallride to railhop and stylish hops in the five-foot range are interspersed with the use of film, a medium that hasn't been used much in BMX videos as of recent. One can assume the cost of film just doesn't make sense in our 'here today, gone tomorrow' web video world. There's more we could say, but we'll save our talk for the full-length production set to be released this summer.

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