Pat Casey leaves Volume Bikes, joins Haro

Courtesy of Volume Bikes

Pat Casey lookback at Volume headquarters.

Earlier this week, 18-year-old Placentia, Calif. native Pat Casey left behind a joint signature frame and pro deal with Volume Bikes for a spot on the 2012 Haro BMX team, joining the likes of X Games veterans such as Ryan Nyquist, Dennis Enarson, Colin Mackay and Cory Nastazio, in addition to Ronnie Napolitan and Seth Klinger.

According to Casey, who rode for Volume Bikes for three years and endorsed a joint signature frame dubbed The Mystery Machine with Volume team rider Stevie Churchill, "Being a part of the Haro Team is a dream come true. I am super stoked to be invited onto the team, a team that's amazing and I look forward to riding with everyone on it."

Casey was quick to offer Volume's Brian Castillo his gratitude for his time with Volume. "I'd like to send out a major thanks to Brian Castillo and everyone over at Volume. They were one of the first companies to give me a chance and for that I am extremely thankful," said Casey.

Casey was a virtual unknown when Volume Bikes started flowing him components and bikes at the age of 15. In his time with Volume, Casey rose through the competitive BMX Park ranks on the Dew Tour to be awarded the 2010 Ball Park Rookie of the Year, and went on to win contests such as the Toronto BMX Jam and France's FISE event in 2011. Casey's riding, according to Haro team rider and team manager Colin Mackay, "has proven to be influential already in the game, reinventing the 360 tailwhip and recently landing the first double decade."

The move from Volume Bikes to Haro isn't a exactly new phenomenon. Just a few years before Casey's move, Haro teammate Dennis Enarson made the same switch from Volume to Haro, and years before that, completely unrelated to this story, Ed Koenning made the move from Homeless to Volume. Casey's additional sponsors include Fox Racing, Monster Energy and Vans.

According to Volume, Casey's now-former joint signature frame will continue to be offered as a Stevie Churchill signature frame, with new color choices and stickers. "We have a batch coming in soon with a couple new colors picked out by Stevie," said Castillo.

Pat Casey will return for his second appearance in BMX Park at X Games 18 in late June.

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