Morgan Wade is still very, very brave

Courtesy of Morgan Wade

Monstrous gap to rail as seen in Morgan Wade's new street edit.

Last night, Tyler, Texas' own Morgan Wade, the jack-of-all things BMX from flatland moves to triple tailwhips on the MegaRamp, released a new street edit that displayed a side of Morgan that has not been seen since his days on Road Fools 14 -- his very brave ability to ride street. Naturally, Morgan is an extremely gifted BMX rider, but in the past few years, his contest focus seems to have taken precedence over video. But, as evidenced from the insane video released last night, Morgan Wade is still one of the most burly riders to have ever graced a BMX bike.

To me, Morgan represents the ever-shrinking non-homogenized part of BMX. Morgan hasn't bowed to trends in riding or adjusted his style to please sponsors. He continues to ride how he wants, what he wants (which is everything), and has not lost his finite ability to send it on all terrains. Rather than chastise the BMX industry for sleeping on Morgan and not gracing him with signature products and continual praise, I compiled a few random facts about Morgan's ability to destroy wheels and his pursuits off the bike.

For over two years, Morgan rode a battered army-painted green United Corey Martinez frame that had been to China, South America, Europe and across the U.S. During BMX Park at X Games two years ago, Morgan attempted what probably ended up being a good 30-foot pocket air transfer. He didn't pull it, instead smashing into the flat bottom of the wall he was attempting to land into. His tire blew up, and front wheel exploded upon impact.

Courtesy of Morgan Wade

Morgan's wheel in Shanghai, China, circa 2011.

At X Games Asia in 2011, Morgan then blew out 17 spokes in his back wheel, and had to borrow wheels from the judges to ride the street and Mini Mega competitions. After finishing the contest, he put his own 19-spoke wheel back on, and pedaled back to the hotel. Earlier this year, still on the same bike, which was now re-welded after over two years of typical Morgan beatings, Morgan received a new United Beacon from Corey Martinez. (It's the red bike he's riding in the video.)

In his spare time, Morgan does demos and fabricates iron doors. He has even installed iron doors at one of his personal hero's houses -- Mat Hoffman.

Morgan Wade is a certified level one instructor of Krav Maga, the the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Morgan Wade keeps a blog that helped me compile these random facts, and he's an active Twitter'er/Instagrammer. Follow him for entertaining updates.

And finally, Morgan Wade vomits in the end of his new video. Because I'm not entirely sure what our policy is on showing puke, I screen grabbed the video and am linking to it. Go watch the new Morgan Wade iPhone street edit and be glad that Morgan Wade is still blazing his own path through BMX.

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