Van Homan breaks tibia, fibula in N.C.

Courtesy of Van Homan

Van Homan awaits surgery on a broken tibia, fibula in North Carolina on Sunday.

Fit Bike Co. pro Van Homan broke his left tibia and fibula on Sunday while filming in Raleigh, North Carolina. According to Eastern's Leigh Ramsdell, Homan stepped down wrong on a tailwhip hop down stairs and landed weird, breaking both bones in his lower leg just above the ankle.

"Compound fracture," said Homan. "You win some, you lose some."

Homan went in for surgery on Sunday night, and a steel rod was placed in his leg to stabilize the bones, which broke clean. Also according to Ramsdell, Homan was responsive, in good spirits and not panicked about the injury. Van, 32, had reconstructive ACL surgery over a decade ago, and his main concern was whether or not he would have to rehab his knee again. After being assured by the surgeon that his knee was in good condition, Homan went in for surgery, which took longer than expected because the doctor had to work around his prior ACL injury.

Courtesy of Van Homan

Van Homan's broken tibia, fibula.

Homan is expected to leave the hospital by tomorrow and will return home to Pennsville, N.J. To help with expenses related to the injury, the Athlete Recovery Fund stepped in to provide payment for a rental car for Van to return home in, as well as his insurance deductible.

Homan posted photos of himself in the hospital room and also X-Rays of the break to Instagram, which drew worldwide attention from friends and fans of Homan, who rides for Fit Bike Co., G-Sport wheels, Duo Brand, Ipath Footwear and 2x4 Store. Buried within Homan's Instagram comments was a message from his team manager at Ipath, Brian Osborne, about plans for a new signature shoe from Homan and Ipath.

"Guess you'll have time to work on your shoe now," said Osborne.

So Homan will be off the bike for the next several months, but a signature shoe from Ipath is in the works.

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