Steve McCann -- "I'm not a rail guy"

Following yet another X Games gold medal performance in BMX Big Air at X Games Los Angeles, Steve McCann packed his bags and headed overseas for a Mongoose team trip through France. Joined by international Mongoose teammates Ben Wallace, Greg Illingworth, Cam White and Paul Ryan, McCann's time in France was spent off the MegaRamp, instead riding trails, bowls and on the rare occasion, street, allowing him to enjoy a different perspective on BMX riding.

After the trip concluded, McCann returned to his adopted home at Woodward Camp in Pa., with the above YouTube video being released last week. While we typically associate Steve McCann with the big ramps, it's easy to forget that he is just as skilled when it comes to any type of BMX riding. This week, we caught up with Steve to discuss his take on switching it up. It looks like you guy's had a really fun time on the Mongoose France trip, what was your favorite part of the whole experience? Have you been to France before?
McCann: I think the whole team had a ball. It's always awesome to travel with the guys that make a brand what it is and get to know them all a little bit better. I think the burger game was pretty awesome. If you're playing you can't get made -- that's rule number one. Basically, if you have a burger and take a bite it's game on! If you put it down, anyone that's playing can hammer fist it! Good times for sure! Cam White's pretty good at it, or I'm just really bad. Either way, it's funny stuff. But yes, first time on the road in France and I loved it.

What's it like for you to go on trips with team riders that are into different types of riding?
It's pretty rad. We have such an amazing group of guys that are into all different types of riding, which makes for epic moments and good times.

Who did you enjoy watching the most on this trip?
Paul Ryan is so rad to watch ride, he's just a ball of energy. Greg is ballsy and high speed, which I love. Ben is the man and Cam White is a pure killer that is so sick on any dirt jump you put in front of him.ย 

Pete Demos/ESPN Images

Steve McCann, mid no-handed double frontflip at X Games LA.

Did you try to ride street with those guys?
No I didn't really, I should have. But I'm not a rail guy so I let them do their thing. I like gaps as long as it's not to flat. I just like keeping it smooth.

French photographer Hadrien Picard took you guys to all the spots. What was your favorite?
I loved the bowl in the south of France, it was so high speed and on the beach with super rad hips -- just my style. The vert ramp was just a cool spot but really it had small tray. It was hard to ride but awesome still. That trip made me miss riding dirt and park. It's funny how things can change as a rider. But it's always inside you, cause it's all bike riding no matter what you ride.

You have a few vert clips from this trip -- are there many vert ramps in France?
No, that was really the only one. It's such a rad looking building it was in though. The roof was all wood.

Do you find going on these types of trips, riding different disciplines with other people helps you ride vert better?
I think just riding different things with other people that you don't really ride with makes you look at things differently.

What's next for you, are you going on any more road trips anytime soon?
I have the Dew Tour in San Francisco and a Mini Mega event in Chili. Then it kind of slows down sort of, apart from random things I'm working on. But I'm always down to travel and do different things. I like smashing people's burgers on the road, so just be on your game.

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