Sal Saavedra in ICU in Riverside

Aaron Nardi

Sal Saavedra, nac-nac.

BMX dirt rider Sal Saavedra, brother to Deluxe BMX/Profile Racing pro Mike Saavedra, is currently in the Intensive Care Unit at Riverside Hospital after crashing at the Jurupa skatepark on Saturday. Saavedra was reportedly filming for his new sponsor Dead Era when he crashed. He was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with severe bleeding on the brain. Doctors placed Saavedra, 22, in a medically induced coma for 48 hours to monitor the bleeding.

According to Saavedra's brother Mike, Sal normally rides in a full-face helmet. "He broke his nose in two places and his face in three places, but the full-face saved his life," said Mike Saavedra.

As of last night, doctors removed the breathing tube and Sal had started to breath on his own. The bleeding on the brain has also subsided and any bruising on his brain is not growing. For a moment on Sunday, Sal was also able to open his eyes and wave to visitors.

Aaron Nardi

Sal Saavedra, one-footed x-up.

Sal Saavedra resides in Riverside, Calif. and is a flow team member for S&M Bicycles. When not riding, he has has served as an after school BMX instructor and also an employee of Woodward Camp Tahoe, where he helped build jumps.

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