Gallery -- BMX Turkeys at X Games

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Jamie Bestwick, a two-time X Games turkey. Launch Gallery »

Years ago when I lived in Philadelphia, we reserved Sunday nights for discount bowling. I still think it was dumb luck, but I was somehow able to roll consistent strikes three times in a row during bowling games. I had no idea at the time, but in bowling terms, it was called a "turkey." It's been quite some time since I bowled, but the term "turkey" has stuck with me. And being as how today is considered by many to be "Turkey Day," I thought it would be amusing to take the term "turkey" and apply it to X Games BMX riders. But instead of three strikes in a row, I applied it to three gold medals in a row. The list I came up with is short, but very esteemed, and includes the likes of riders such as Jamie Bestwick, Trevor Meyer and Corey Bohan. Check the gallery for BMX Turkeys at X Games, and have a safe and happy holiday.

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