Kagy lands no-handed double backflip

Earlier this month, X Games BMX Vert and Big Air pro Chad Kagy embarked on the seventh Bikes Over Baghdad trip in the Middle East. Their mission: to entertain U.S. troops stationed overseas with BMX demos. Following the B.O.B. trip, the other riders returned to the U.S. But Kagy took a detour to Stockholm, Sweden to join another tour, the Nitro Circus Live European tour.

Courtesy Chad Kagy

Chad Kagy on the Nitro Circus Live Tour.

Over the past week and a half, Kagy has ridden in Nitro Circus Live demos throughout Sweden, Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria and now Belgium. During the Berlin stop last week, on the night of his birthday, Kagy added another first to his repertoire: the no-handed double backflip over the Nitro Circus Live 40-foot resi jump. "Not a bad birthday at all," said Kagy.

The tour has not been without injury though. Fellow Nitro Circus Live BMX rider Andy Buckworth was forced to sit out several shows on the tour following a crash in Sweden. Meanwhile, Jaie Toohey, another BMX rider featured on Nitro Circus Live, returned home to Australia after fracturing his leg during the first stop of the tour in Sweden.

Nitro Circus Live's European tour continues through the first week of December, ending in the U.K. But Kagy says that busy times are coming up, with future Nitro Circus Live tours arriving in Australia, Europe and South America in 2013. Kagy adds that 2013 is the year of the vert ramp.

"I'm just giving you the heads up. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is wrong, scared or a contest promoter. Vert is going to be stronger than ever," said Kagy.

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