Daniel Sandoval, 'Heart and Soul'

I plan on being the only person in BMX to mention the 1987 one-hit wonder T'Pau song "Heart and Soul" when referring to Daniel Sandoval's new video, also titled 'Heart and Soul.' Daniel Sandoval hails from Corona, Calif., and is part of a new breed of emerging BMX Park riders that tows the line between ridiculous box jump riding and technical lip tricks (much like his teammates on Total BMX -- Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn).

According to Daniel, "I got into riding by just moving to Corona. There was a local skatepark and I just rode it everyday." Daniel quickly amassed enough skills to get an invite to X Games Los Angeles 2012. "I just fell in love with the sport," he adds. Daniel now rides for Total BMX, in addition to Vans, Profile Racing and pedal brand Xpedo.

Daniel can also lay claim to several firsts, including the first-ever double tailwhip 720 and tailwhip to barspin 720. "I just want to push the limits in the BMX world and show people that you can extend the limits," he says. And the next chapter of that comes in his latest video.

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