BMX Dirt returns to X Games in 2013 Bull Content Pool

Former X Games competitor Kye Forte shapes a lip at Empire of Dirt.

Earlier today, ESPN announced the list of disciplines to be featured at the 2013 Global X Games, and among the list, in addition to BMX Park, Vert, Big Air and Street, is BMX Dirt.

Yes, BMX Dirt is back at the X Games.

BMX Dirt debuted at the first Extreme Games in 1995, and maintained a presence at X Games for 11 years, awarding medals to BMX Dirt riders such as Ryan Nyquist, Stephen Murray, T.J. Lavin and Stephen Murray. BMX Dirt will make its return to the Global X Games at Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil on April 18-21.

BMX Dirt pros took to Twitter to express their feelings about the return of dirt. DK Bicycles pro Drew Bezanson kept it succinct, saying "Can't wait." Others, such as three-time BMX Dirt gold medalist Corey Bohan also kept it simple. "It's about time, I'm ready," he wrote.

A list of BMX Dirt invites has not been made public.

In related discipline news, BMX will maintain a presence at four of the six Global X Games events in 2013, including Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil (BMX Vert, Dirt, Park, Big Air), Barcelona, Spain (BMX Street, Park, Big Air, Vert), Munich, Germany (BMX Big Air, Park) and Los Angeles, Calif. (BMX Big Air, Park, Street, Vert). X Games Munich 2013 will also feature a MTB Slopestyle event.

BMX Dirt's last appearance at X Games was in 2006, and in the time since, the decision was a point of contention in the BMX community. Stickers were created that read 'Bring back dirt,' and many dirt pros voiced their opposition to the decision each year since during the X Games. Large scale BMX dirt competitions continued with help from both Red Bull and the Dew Tour during dirt's absence from X Games.

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