Scotty Cranmer joins Snafu team

Snafu BMX

Scotty Cranmer, brakless and four-pegged for 2013.

One week after joining the Hyper BMX team, X Games Los Angeles BMX Park gold medalist Scotty Cranmer has joined the Snafu components team. "2013 is starting off as a great year for me! The good just keeps on coming in and this time I get to tell the BMX world that I have officially joined the Snafu team. Snafu has been a top notch company since I started riding the skatepark and it's an awesome feeling to be a part of the brand now," said Cranmer on Saturday.

The move marks Cranmer's first deal with a BMX component brand since turning pro a decade ago. Cranmer joins Harry Main and Greg Illingworth on the Snafu team. And judging from the above photo, he's been dabbling with a brakeless, four-peg setup.

This past spring, Snafu restructured. Formerly California-based, Snafu was sold to new owners in New Jersey, who hired Matt Bischoff as brand manager. Bischoff added Harry Main to the team. "I am so stoked to now be able to put together a team that consists of riders that I respect that is quickly becoming what I believe is one of the best teams in BMX," said Bischoff.

Snafu currently manufactures a range of parts that includes handlebars, cranks, pedals, brakes, levers, tires, wheels, pegs, seats, sprockets and stems. Snafu also manufactures components for BMX racing and MTB. Components are available direct from the Snafu website.

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