Memorable quotes from Props' 'Road Fools '98'

Sandy Carson

The trajectory of the Road Fools 1trip involved extensive drives that offered the crew plenty of downtime. In later episodes of Road Fools, the trips were planned to involve more riding and less driving.

This week, we're celebrating the approaching 15th anniversary of a seminal BMX video in the evolution of BMX riding: Props "Road Fools '98." Yesterday, Road Fools 1 alumni Sandy Carson provided some original photography from the trip, and today, we're expanding into other areas in which the video proved influential.

For many, "Road Fools" was one of the first BMX videos to document the rider's personalities alongside their riding. It was a chance to not only witness progressive riding, it offered a glimpse into the people behind the riding. And many first time viewers of "Road Fools" walked away from the video feeling as if they knew the likes of Joe Rich and Jimmy Levan.

Hand in hand with this pairing was the dialogue. "Road Fools" provided some of the most hilarious and memorable quotes in the history of BMX videos. So memorable in fact, that it became common for the riders viewing the videos to repeat quotes they had heard in "Road Fools" among their own riding crews. With that in mind, we sat down and re-watched "Road Fools," compiling 50 of the most memorable quotes from the video, from start to finish.

Road Fools 1 retrospective

1. "Welcome to Props' Road Fools '98. We took some of the top riders and went on our version of a road trip. No cheesy missions, no silly clues -- we just rode, anything and everything. Coming up is the documented story of 14 days in the lives of the Road Fools crew." -Intro

2. "Stop, you're gonna get hurt." -Robbie Morales to Sandy Carson

3. "You can't smell that stuff on TV man, it's bad." -Derek Adams

4. "It kinda centered around Robbo and his quest to free himself from, um, his present situation of his sponsorship. It bums me out to think that someone like Robbo not think he has any options." -Joe Rich post Rampage Skatepark interview

5. "Davenport, Iowa, first stop. Trip has gotten hectic already. Saw Rick, didn't see any Rickettes." -Robbie Morales

6. "Hey hot stuff, I can handle myself." -Robbie Morales to Red at cowboy bar

7. "There's nothing to know about Red. Just uh, we met some hillbilly girls and they were chilling." -Robbie Morales

8. "I got my n**ts real good." -Taj Mihelich

9. "Got my Kostons wet." -Dave Friemuth

10. "Un-ba-f-n-lievable, that's what I think." -Sandy Carson

11. "I don't know a Dale, I've never met a Dale and I don't know what you're talking about." -Dave Friemuth

12. "I think I've never ride street again. Between Jimmy, Joe and Taj, I was an audience member as far as I'm concerned." -Dave Friemuth

13. "My name's Chuck Norris, I'm from MTV. What do you think of Robbie Morales?" -Dave Friemuth

Sandy Carson

Taj Mihelich in Phoenix, Ariz.

14. "Is he a BMXer? I don't know him." -Woman in bar about Robbie Morales

15. "Jimmy busted his a**. There's some denim and leather on the street." -Sandy Carson

16. "Get that out of my face or I'll break it... I'm off work in five minutes, then i'll just come out and kick your a**." -Denver security guard

17. "Robbie let me wear his metal hat today so I didn't get sunburnt." -Taj Mihelich

18. "It's all about the nosedive." -Fatty Paddy

19. "Paddy needs a lunchy munchy or something." -Robbie Morales

20. "Joe pulled his first ever tailwhip over a box, which I'm psyched on." -Taj Mihelich

21. "She's a complete hip-hop soldier, and look at me, I'm a complete buffoon." -Jimmy Levan

22. "Keep it tight in the Props rig." -Robbie Morales

23. "We went out riding downtown, Arizona." -Gonz

24. "Jimmy is definitely brave." -Taj Mihelich

25. "Jennifer you're pretty. Jennifer, don't be shy." -Robbie Morales

26. "It was probably Gonz that got your calling card number." -Dave Friemuth

27. "Where's my ladies?" -Robbie Morales, post birthday dinner

28. "I just wanna wish another happy, happy birthday to Robbie Morales, all up in the house." -DJ in New Mexico

29. "We were stoked on Dave's newfound street vibe he put on today." -Jimmy Levan

30. "Where the girly jumps at?" -Dave Friemuth

Jimmy the man, not Jimmy Levan.
Joe Rich

31. "How you go so high, you fat?" -Sandy Carson

32. "Dave has deemed the Baco pride flag out of style, it's a sad day." -Chris Rye

33. "No four-piece dude!" -Robbie Morales

34. "First it was Rye, now seriously, I've had enough of Marco." -Robbie Morales

35. "Put a flat spot in my rim, I've never done that." -Robbie Morales

36. "Joe has been going on stealth missions with Rye, doing some wild stuff." -John Paul Rogers

37. "Jimmy did the most incredible thing I've ever saw -- the gap at the church." -Sandy Carson

38. "Pi**ing my pants stoked. If I would've missed, it would've been a long night." -Jimmy Levan

39. "Jimmy the man, not Jimmy Levan." -Joe Rich

40. "Check out my naked a**." -Sheps

41. "Today started out good for me and kinda just went eeoww." -Joe Rich

42. "Day 12, Austin, Texas. Two words: Joe Rich." -Robbie Morales

43. "Joe Rich makes life hard on the rest of us that ride BMX." -Jimmy Levan

44. "Grease to say the least." -Sandy Carson

45. "How come I'm not grinding but I'm going down?" -Jimmy Levan

46. "I can't even believe how cool it's been to travel with so many guys." -John Paul Rogers

47. "This trip was the best time I've ever had." -Dave Friemuth

48. "Do you know what my birthday wish was? To be off Standard." -Robbie Morales

49. "It couldn't be any better and I'm psyched that I was a part of it." -Joe Rich

50. "Once again, I'd like to thank my sunglass sponsor: Van Andro." -Jimmy Levan

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