'Road Fools '98' -- Where are they now?

Sandy Carson

Clockwise rom left: Derek Adams, Jerky, John Paul Rogers, Joe Rich, Dave Freimuth, Robbie Morales, Jimmy Levan, Marco Massei, Chris Rye, Taj Mihelich, Sandy Carson.

Fifteen years ago, the riders features in Props "Road Fools '98" were at the top of their game in the realm of BMX. And following the release of the video, all of the riders featured went on to enjoy healthy careers as BMX professionals for close to the next decade (some would argue, including myself, once a BMX pro, always a BMX pro, but that's another story). Circa 2013, the riders from "Road Fools '98" may not be the top riders on the BMX scene, but they laid the groundwork for much of what is happening today and because of that, we decided to run down a "Where Are They Now" column on the cast of the video.

Dave Freimuth: Lives and works in Appleton, Wisconsin. Following "Road Fools 1," Freimuth went on to ride for Huffy for several years, followed by MacNeil Bikes (where he had a signature frame) and Colony. Now 42, Freimuth doesn't enjoy a wealth of coverage in the BMX media anymore, but his BMX abilities laid the groundwork for technical skatepark riding through the '90s and early '00s. Freimuth also judges BMX competitions such as the Dew Tour and the former JoMoPro series.

Sandy Carson: Lives and works as a full-time photographer in Austin, Texas. Following "Road Fools 1," Carson appeared in "Road Fools 2" and after a short stint on Metal Bikes, found a home with U.K. upstart brand Federal Bikes. Carson enjoyed years as a top pro for Federal, Primo and Etnies Footwear, while also working as a photographer and editor at Dig BMX Magazine. By 2006, Carson had joined the Terrible One team, and now rides for fun while hustling freelance photography jobs for a variety of outlets. Carson recently produced a full-length photography book entitled 'Paradise Has Relocated,' and now rides for Fairdale Bicycles.

Props Road Fools 1 -- Where are they now?

Taj Mihelich: Lives and works as a full-time product designer for Fairdale Bicycles in Austin, Texas. Following "Road Fools 1," Mihelich joined forces with fellow RF1 participant Joe Rich and created a new bike company dubbed Terrible One. Mihelich enjoyed close to a decade as a top pro for T-1, Etnies Footwear (designing several signature shoes), Primo and Fox Racing. As the years progressed, Mihelich eventually left Terrible One, joined Giant for a brief time, and then experienced career-ending back injuries for which he underwent extensive surgery. After not being able to return to BMX, Mihelich worked with Odyssey BMX to create Fairdale, a line of commuter and touring bicycles that incorporate BMX technology into larger, non-BMX bikes.

Joe Rich: Lives and works in Austin, Texas. Following "Road Fools 1," Rich joined forces with fellow RF1 participant Taj Mihelich and created a new bike company dubbed Terrible One. Rich enjoyed close to a decade as a top pro for T-1, Etnies Footwear (designing several signature shoes), Primo and Fox Racing. He remains sponsored by Fox Racing and Terrible One, the brand he still owns and operates. In the early '00s, still caught up with the travel bug, Rich and fellow T-1 riders embarked on a Terrible One world tour, which produced the full-length T-1 DVD "You Get What You Get." Rich continues to travel, shoot photography, edit video, and occasionally judge contests such as the X Games.

Jimmy Levan: Lives in Huntington Beach, Calif. Following "Road Fools 1," Levan started Metal Bikes BMX brand, which enjoyed success with the help of several co-owners and an eclectic team, including Sean Burns. Levan was sponsored by Odyssey, DuFFS Footwear (for which he had a signature shoe), but endured several severe injuries which sidelined him from riding through the late '00s. In 2007, Levan fell while skateboarding in New Jersey and experienced a traumatic brain injury. After recovering, Levan was struck by a car in Seattle, Wash. and broke his leg. Last year, Levan was filming for Fuel's 'Built To Shred' when he fell and broke his pelvis. The current status of Metal Bikes is unknown, but the brand has not released any new product in over a year. And when in Austin, Levan is still offered free drinks for his church gap accomplishment.

Robbie Morales: Lives and works in Santa Ana, Calif. Following "Road Fools 1," Morales was originally supposed to join forces with Levan on Metal Bikes, but instead joined the Terrible One team, and enjoyed several years of success as a pro for T-1, Fox, Etnies, DC and Vans. After leaving T-1 in 2000, Morales joined forces with Chris Moeller to create Fit Bike Co., which he worked on until 2009, when he left and created Cult Bicycles. Currently, Morales works full-time on Cult. The brand's latest DVD, "Talk is Cheap," featured several clips of Morales' trademark brand of riding, but not hilarious quotes.

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