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Ralphy Ramos releases new footage to promote Animal's BPE pedal

Back in 2006, Animal Bikes released a simple pedal design by Steven Hamilton that was grippy, lightweight and available in both PC and aluminum versions. That pedal, the Steven Hamilton signature model, is still in production and still under the feet of many BMXers, including myself.

Last year, Animal went back to the drawing board and decided that they could reinvent the standard PC pedal design. Instead of utilizing bearings, the new design was built around a 17mm hollow chromoly spindle that worked with polymer spindle bushings. The body of the pedal was built around a lightweight plastic composite that featured 10 molded traction pins. And the best part of the new design was that the body of the pedal could be replaced when it was worn down from grinding.

Animal Bikes

Animal's new BPE pedals.

This was a first for BMX pedal design. In the past, when the lifespan of a pair of PC pedals had ended, the pedals went in the garbage. With Animal's new pedal, dubbed the BPE (Best Pedal Ever), the spindle and bushings can be reused with newly purchased replacement pedal bodies. They might cost a little more than the average PC pedal, but the return on the design pays for itself in time. Some riders go through a pair of pedals within a few weeks. The BPE pedals, because of the increased spindle design, last much longer and don't bend as easy as a pedal with a normal spindle size. And on top of all that, the weight of the pedal is just 15 ounces.

Animal still manufactures the Steven Hamilton pedal for the Shimano DX purists out there, but if you're looking for the latest in pedal design, then the BPE pedal is worth checking out. Watch the Ralphy Ramos BPE promo above, and check out his brand new welcome to the team edit on the Animal Bikes website.

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