Texas Toast 2013 jam preview

In the early '00s, on top of annual X Games events that included BMX riding, several homegrown BMX series existed that pushed the progression of the sport while bringing the entire BMX community together for weekends that included video premieres and nonstop fun. Those competitions, including the Metro Jam and the Backyard Jam, only existed for a few years, but they managed to leave a permanent impression on all those riders that attended.

Circa 2011, with Metro and Backyard Jams a thing of the past, Odyssey BMX teamed up with Taj Mihelich to re-create a homegrown BMX competition that channeled the spirit of those previous jams. Dubbed Texas Toast and hosted in Austin, Texas, the new jam included an obstacle course, various competitions that were loosely organized and an organic feel that continued throughout the weekend. Instead of perfect runs that were scored by judges, Texas Toast encouraged BMX progression, fun and camaraderie among the BMX community.

And its momentum continues to grow.

This weekend, Texas Toast returns for its third year to Austin. To prepare for the return, we decided to dig into the archives for the video from the original Texas Toast Jam in 2011. Take a quick stroll down memory lane, and if you're anywhere near the Austin area this weekend, head over to Texas Toast and prepare for a good time.

For more info on the Texas Toast Jam, check out info on the Odyssey BMX site.

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