The Road Warriors of X

Follow five athletes on their journey around the globe during a whirlwind, eight-month Tour de X Games

On his first two runs on the MegaRamp at X Games Munich, BMX Big Air champion Zack Warden landed a backflip, bikeflip on the gap jump followed by a triple tailwhip on the quarterpipe. He made it seem easy, and the two-time Big Air gold medalist in 2013 looked like he was warming up for another visit to the top of an X Games podium. Then on his third run, he fell hard on the gap portion of the jump and slid like a rag doll up, and back down, the transition of the quarterpipe. The same thing happened on his fourth run. It looked like it hurt.

"It did," said Warden when spoke with him after the event. "This [year] is the first time we've had the MegaRamp expansion, and it's been a little bit of a gift and a curse. I'm really looking forward to having a month off before L.A."

That's X Games Los Angeles that Warden is referring to, the fourth summer X Games stop of 2013, along with Foz do Iguaçu, Barcelona and Munich. To a man, and woman, the athletes say the additional competitions have progressed their respective sports without question. But it's taken a toll on bodies and equipment, not to mention adding three hefty new line items to travel budgets.

We spoke to X Games athletes from BMX, skateboarding, RallyCross and Moto X to see how they are managing this year of X to the power of four and why many think L.A. will be the best stop yet.

X To The Power Of Four

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