Pick your poison: Reynolds vs. Kerley

The Nike BMX team traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina earlier in the year to film a new video, and X Games BMX Street gold medalist Garrett Reynolds delivered.


In X Games Los Angeles in August 2013, after dominating the discipline of BMX Street at X Games since its inception in 2008, Nike BMX pro Garrett Reynolds earned a silver medal, finishing behind his Nike BMX teammate Chad Kerley, who claimed his first X Games gold medal.

Reynolds, who previously had won six consecutive gold medals before Los Angeles, was unfazed by the results. In fact, he was encouraging of teammate Kerley while he was taking his runs. In the end, when asked about taking the silver medal to Kerley's gold, Reynolds only had this to say: "It's an honor to be beat by that guy."

Reynolds and Kerley remain friends and teammates even during the biggest BMX competition of the year, a component that is completely unique to the discipline of BMX Street at X Games. Whereas the BMX Vert and Park riders put on their game faces during competition, the street riders encourage one another. "It's super mellow, all of us get along, and it's not really competitive," Reynolds says about X Games BMX Street competitions. "Everyone just wants everyone else to do good for themselves," he adds.

In early February 2014, Reynolds and Kerley joined the rest of the Nike BMX team on a week-long trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to film a new video for Nike BMX. Away from the spotlight of competition, the duo again pushed each other to new limits of what is capable on a BMX bike, with the streets of Buenos Aires as a landscape. Check out Garrett Reynolds' footage above, and then vote on who you think will win gold in BMX Street at X Games Austin.

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