Semper Ride Movie Premier

John Reiser

Keeping Motorcycling Marines Safe

A few weekends ago, Jeff Tilton, Tommy Clowers and Destin Cantrell put on a demo for the Marine Corps down in San Diego, California. Not to be confused with the demo that the Metal Mulisha recently put on for the Marines in Camp Pendelton, this "TNT" ran exhibition was just a single part of an entire day dedicated to informing Marines about proper motorcycle riding safety. Along with the FMX demo, the Marine Corps-produced movie Semper Ride was premiered to over 5000 motorcycling Marines and from what we hear, the large-budget film is absolutely AMAZING. According to The Marine Corps Times, the Semper Ride campaign comes after a fiscal year in which 45 Marines died in private motor vehicle accidents, including a Corps-record 25 on motorcycles.

ESPN contributor and owner Steve Haughelstine made it down to SD to document the event and he even managed to scoop up a trailer of Semper Ride along the way. From what I understand, Semper Ride will be distributed to all motorcycle enthusiasts in the Marine Corps and potentially may even be sold to the big four motorcycle manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki) so they can include it with every purchase of a motorcycle.

For more information on the film, check out and the

Tommy Clowers, Jeff Tilton and Destin Cantrell put on an FMX demo at the Semper Ride movie premiere in San Diego, CA


Semper Ride Trailer

In an effort to teach Marines proper motorcycle riding techniques, the Marine Corps has created this full-length movie.


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