No More Motos?

Metal Mulisha

Ryan 'Fluffer' Hagy sent over this image to assure the public that this IS the real deal. I think JLaw looks good as a Mulisha member!

I cannot believe what's going on in the moto world today! I just got a call from my homie and Metal Mulisha Team Manager Ryan 'Fluffer' Hagy informing me that after months of negotiation talks and public speculation, moto racing bad boy Jason 'JLaw' Lawrence has signed on the dotted line of his new Metal Mulisha contract. Fluffer also emailed me some official quotes as well ...

"Dude, I'm so pumped to finally be a part of the Mulisha. I've been down with everyone from day one and I knew that I would end up here eventually." explains Lawrence. "As for what the race world thinks, I could really care less. I've been trying to please them for my entire career and I've come to the point where I don't give a f--k what anybody thinks about me. I'm going to be true to myself from here on out."

Metal Mulisha General Brian Deegan was more than pumped to welcome JLaw to the ever-growing team. "If people don't see that Metal Mulisha is dominating the world by now, maybe this will change their minds. JLaw is a perfect fit to the team and considering he hangs out with all of us on a daily basis, he's always been a part of the Mulisha, but now it's finally official. We wanted to announce it on April 1st because people will think it's an April Fools joke, but when the dust settles, they'll realize it's the real deal."

If the news of JLaw signing to Metal Mulisha isn't enough, his plans for the Summer of 2010 will most definitely rock the moto world's boat. According to Fluffer, JLaw has been hitting the ramps and foam pit at Deegan's compound and he's ready to take the backflip to dirt. "Jason's been killing it and he's already learned most of the standard up-right tricks and he has 75-foot flips 100% dialed in the pit -- not to mention his whips are as big, if not bigger than [Todd] Potter's." exclaims Fluffer. "We've been talking to him about competing at Best Whip at X Games and we're pretty sure it's a done deal, but we're just waiting to get the final word."

So there you have it. Even though this may come as a shock to a lot of people, I'm pumped to have a character like Lawrence join the FMX community. All I can say is, expect to see A LOT more regarding JLaw and his FMX endeavors.

Click here to view exclusive MUST SEE footage of JLaw flipping into Deegan's foam pit, courtesy Metal Mulisha.

UPDATE: If you haven't figured out by now, this is our attempt at an April Fools joke ... suckas!

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