Who is Ronnie Mac?


Ronnie Mac pulls out his signature trick, the horseshoe. "My hot move, the horseshoe. A salute to the cowboys out there." -- Ronnie Mac

With X Games 16 looming around the corner, this is the time of year when not-so-known riders make a push to get invited by posting videos of themselves going big on YouTube. But it wasn't always that way. There used to be a time when a rider would post a video of themselves riding just to simply show the world how freakin' badass they were -- if X Games came 'a callin' then cool, but it wasn't the main objective.

Enter the illusive internet sensation otherwise known as Ronnie Mac. After letting the world know how sick he is by posting a video to YouTube of himself going extremely big back in November of 2008, Ronnie's goal had been accomplished. However, Ronnie didn't realize that his video would end up becoming viral even though at the time he really didn't care about popularity and fame -- he just wanted to ride his dirt bike, meet some chicks, and drink some beer.

But it's 2010 and with his sick video at a whopping 62,382 views, it seems as if Ronnie's realized that he may just have a shot at competing in X Games 16. With a fresh new Twitter account, a custom-designed website and a sick new video popping up on YouTube, it's pretty evident that Ronnie Mac is looking to get the attention of the X Games overlords. Whether or not he'll get into X has yet to determined, but you can bet that guys like Nate Adams, Blake 'Bilko' Williams, and James Stewart (yes, he's a racer too) are shaking in their pants.

All we know that is if he does gets an invite, they better make room because he'll undoubtedly be riding every single moto-related discipline -- he's just that badass.

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